My new ink box!!!

  1. even though i LOVED ms.violet i realized that the twiggy size was a bit big for me and i've always, always wanted ink so when the opportunity arose i had to take it. and i LOVE my ink box :yahoo:. sorry the pictures aren't the best(plus i think i resized them funny)... in real life the color is the most amazing navy with purple undertones and it really changes depending on the light in the room. and i have to say the leather is AMAZING!! it is so thick and soft dare i say almost better than the 07!
    inkbox.jpg inkbox1.jpg inkbox2.jpg inkbox3.jpg
  2. sooo cute! congrats!
  3. CONGRATS! I have one, too, and I LOVE IT! Yummy leather!
  4. BEAUTIFUL!!!! congrats! it's a shame they don't make the box anymore! such a perfect size! :heart:
  5. YAY! COngrats on the ink box! She looks PERFECT...LOVE that leather!!!!!
  6. Nice! I have one, too, and I love it!!!! Ink is my fave Bal color by far!!!!!
  7. *looks beseechingly at Marie83 for modelling pics with this scrummy bag*
  8. thanks everyone! i cannot understand why they would discontinue the box it really is such a perfect size.

    i think i figured out how to resize better so here is one more picture :smile:
  9. yes I have to say ink is a very special color! it has started to grow on me even though I'm not a blue bag girl... but Balenciaga blues have a certain effect on people! CONGRATS! (I'm also eyeing an ink twiggy!)
  10. i would so highly recommend ink... it really is the most perfect wearable blue! i had no idea a color could be so rich but also have a neutral quality... can you tell i am in LOVE with my bag? haha :love:
  11. ITA with you, Marie83! I have a box (same one as yours) and a city in my collection and the box has perfect proportions...and it's easy to carry. Plus, I love that it retains its shape when you carry it by the single shoulder strap instead of the handles. I don't carry my city by the shoulder strap because I don't like how it bows in the middle. But the box is perfection...and it holds just as much as my city. :tup:
  12. Congrats, your ink box is gorgeous! Ink is a beautiful color ... I know the first time I saw my ink twiggy IRL, I fell in love with the color at first sight!
  13. WOW!! ITs super cute!!! CONGRATS!
  14. It's gorgeous Marie! What a cute style!!!
  15. :dothewave: yay for Ink!!! congrats to you on your new Ink box! It's such an amazing color and very versatile!!