My new ink box from the Barney's Sale!

  1. Yay! :yahoo: Thanks to a wonderful pf'er, I was able to snag an ink box on sale at Barney's BH. I'm so excited! My first b-bag is a Mogano City, and like many of you on this forum, I quickly fell in love with Balenciaga and quickly plotted my next purchase. Since I had a city, wishlist had the box style at the top, but I'm leery of eBay and the style had been discontinued, so I gave up hope for a box.

    Then I see Pato's post in the Shopping section about seeing the box on sale at Barney's BH! And in INK! One of my MOST LUSTED after colors! I was so excited that I called them as SOON as they opened! LOL! She came yesterday and I'm in love. The leather is definitely different from my Mogano city, but I LOVE veiny and shiny bags! But she's so wonderfully soft and smooshy. When I go to rest her down, she just melts into a puddle of leather. LOVE it! She's definitely a little thirsty, though, so I will have to condition her, but otherwise, I LOVE the depth of color and the style of this bag. It's perfect for me!

    Here she is. Pictures are in sunlight (through a window) and at night with flash. Then next to her b-bag sister. ;)


  2. Congrats!!!
  3. Congratulations on your great find!!
  4. Wow! Congrats, she's such a beauty!
  5. SO beautiful! Congratulations! I'm glad someone was home for FedEx to deliver it to!
  6. CONGRATS! ink is a gorgeous color indeed!
  7. Congrats.:yahoo:
  8. Beautiful bag! I love how smooshy the leather looks!
  9. It is a beautiful bag.

    I, too, have an Ink Box and love it to death. You will see it goes with almost everything and is an easy bag to carry everyday.

  10. That is a great buy :nuts:...beautiful bag, how much did you spend for that baby ? :drool::graucho:
  11. What a great find! Congrats!
  12. Congrats, it's gorgeous ... the color is amazing! I just rec'd my ink twiggy yesterday and the depth of color is gorgeous IRL. I love how the color changes from blue (indoors) to purple (outdoors).
  13. Michelle... I said it before and I will say it again... "GORGEOUS!" I just love her veins (never thought I'd say that about a "her."). LOL. Anyway, she is just beautiful... so squishy and just perfect!!
  14. Congrats! What a find!!!
  15. GORGEOUS!!!!!!!! i hope mine will be as gorgeous as yours...:tup::tup::tup: