My NEW INFERNO bags...Decisions, decisions...

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  1. I just got some qees for my new Inferno bags (awesome trades), and I'm not sure which to use...

    I'm not a fan of the white tokidoki qee, so I usually get different qees for my bags, but I'm just really undecided about these, specially for the Campeggio.

    What do you guys suggest?

    Fang Wolf (orange qee), or Pipintu (red qee) for the Campeggio?

    IF 014.jpg IF 019.jpg IF 031.jpg IF 034.jpg IF 038.jpg
  2. I like the red one. The orange one's shape creeps me out. *lol*
  3. And does this "doggie" qee work for the BV??
    IF 003.jpg IF 004.jpg IF 009.jpg
  4. Ooooh!! I love the Doggie qee!! I have it on my Camo Olive bella bella - it matches perfectly!!
  5. I agree that he's a bit scary looking, but I think the color pops out much more against the Inferno print. The red one just kinda gets lost there...
  6. Oh, yeah...That's a great match! I'm gonna try this one on my Cammo Olive PG Bella Bella too! Good thinking!:yes:
  7. Yeah, I was thinking that... but the scariness trumps the color blend to me. Haha.

    What other qees do you use on your bags?

    So far I only have the Doggie on my Camo Olive bella bella, the Hawaii qee on my Spiaggia zucca, and the metallic magenta cat qee on my OP bella bella. All the other ones I want are either "out of stock" or "coming soon" - but that's been posted FOREVER.
  8. Oh, I have about 15 different qees that I try to match up with my bags...I don't remember all of them, but I know I have the "Pink MonQee" on my OP Campeggio, the "Hellboy" on one of my Inferno Campeggios, the "Sheriff" on the Pirata Campeggio, the "Toxic Yellow Cat" on my Famiglia Campeggio, the "Asteria Hunter" on my L'Amore Campeggio, the "Nurse" on my OP Bella Bella, the "Spacebot 42" on my Black Cammo Playground Campeggio, and I forget the rest... LOL

    I'm DYING for the Daydreamer, Cucumouse, Pepo, Tito and Kissy Face!:p
  9. I vote for Pipintu, and yes to the doggie.
  10. I also like the pipintu qee and I say yes to the dog :biggrin:

    wow you have a lot of qees!! I just bought some plushie keychains to put on my tokis ... I got Super Mario and a Goomba .. lol :lol:
  11. Whoa...!! *lol* I don't even know what any of those look like!! Can you post photos?? I'd love to see how they match up with the bags!!

    As for me, I'm dying for Daydreamer (for my Paradiso gioco) and Pepo (for my Foresta BV) as well!! And I also want Bear Whale but don't know for what bag... I just think it's cute. Maybe the pre-ordered Trasporto zucca.
  12. Yeah, I was thinking the same thing. I vote orange, since there's a lot more red on Inferno. :supacool:
  13. Oooooooooooh, if I do eventually get a Tutti zucca or bag, I'd get the Toxic Cat purple qee to match the lining!!
  14. hooray you got your campeggio :biggrin: that's great placement for the characters you wanted! i think the red one works better for the campeggio and the dog is just right for the BV~
  15. So the Doggie for the BV is a YES.

    I'm still undecided about the Campeggio. Maybe I should get a totally different, but ORANGE qee, instead of the wacko wolf...:confused1: