My new in - large college!

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  1. Bought this baby preloved and I couldn't be happier because it looks as if brand new!! Plus the colour is to die for. My weakness in bags are red/burgurdy colours. I think I got the 2017 model cuz the magnetic closure doesn't come with a 'lid' if you know what I mean. But even without the new closure, its still going strong and tight!

    Omg I've always wanted a college because I love how OL it looks and best part is that it comes with a back pocket. The only issue I have with this bag is not being able to wear it crossbody. Anyone bought longer straps for this size?

    Here's some model pic for reference. I've been carrying this bag all week to work and I like that it fits my umbrella + essentials!

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  2. Gorgeous colour! Congratulations you will not regret getting the College bag. I love the YSL Large College. It is one of my favourite bags ever. It has the YSL logo and chevron quilted design which is so classic. Love the chain strap length as i feel it makes it a more traditional bag. The top handle and back slip pocket are so practical and handy.
  3. Yes I believe this is a classic model since it's been around for years! Woohoo!
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  4. Congrats!! Love the burgundy color and it's so purdy! I'm also lusting over a large college. I currently have the black medium college with silver hw. Might get a large next. Enjoy yours!
  5. Haha I find the medium college abit too small for me - maybe it's due to the middle zip compartment! Yes I love the beige large college with the tarnished hardware as well
  6. Hi, do you mind doing a what fit post please? I'm especially keen on seeing how a small umbrella fits inside. i've been wanting a College for ages, but held back because it didn't seem like it could fit my stuff. TIA!
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