My new idea for the Theda GM !! What do you think?

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  1. I love the size of the Theda GM but not it being just a hand bag. I then got the idea that since the straps come off, I could then put the straps from one of my small buckets on it. It is so easy to carry now and I love the bag not being too big or too small and it hangs at just the right length. It fits with a jacket or coat on and is just the right strap drop to flip on my shoulder. It is easy to just slip my hands in and grab my agenda, which I use for my wallet, and it also then can be carried under the arm close to me if I want. The other short thicker straps got in the way if you wanted to do that.

    I wonder if LV would frown. I asked them once about them making me straps for a particular bag and they said, we don't change the style of the bag and don't do that. Well, I did this and love the bag very much. I think if they did this in straps with the brass rivets for the holes, that woman would buy the straps!!

    I took pics of the size of the inside of the Theda. I don't normally carry my ipod anymore since I have the iphone but put it in there so you could all see that there is much more room than expected. Also the costmetic case I just bought a few weeks ago and love how much it holds and I can have eyeglasses, makeup, etc. all in one little package. If anyone wants a pic of the inside of it, let me know. I just thought I would share the idea and share the size of the inside.

    What do all of you think? Is this just not the right thing to do or is it making something much more functional for us girls who have to have our bags hang from our shoulders?!:tup::tdown: Which is it ladies? Thumbs up or Thubs down. Oh please be gentle on me if it is thumbs down. I am sensitive.......:sweatdrop:

  2. OOOO WOW!!.. It looks even better lol :tup:

    p.s- Beautiful patina!!! that's how all LV should look
  3. Cool and creative mind!! LV should hire you at the R&D dept! LOL!
    But i quess if the patina of the straps is the same with patina on the bag, the bag will look more georgeos.
    Btw, is that a curious cat or dog peeping out of the window..??? LOL!
  4. Great idea ... I love it! Definitely thumps up!!!
  5. looks very cute!
  6. so I guess you could do this with Tivoli GM too!!! and maybe some other bags
  7. I think it looks great with the longer straps. Kudos to you for the idea!!
  8. lol cute I like the idea!

    I was actually also thinking of doing something like this cuz I recently got the Motard Biker which weighs a TON (and I usually say I like heavy bags, but htis is a lil toomuch for me), so I thought about getting a Neo Cabby PM cuz I liked the style but really secretly wanted the STRAPS LOL!!! Too bad it didn't look good and also I was bothered by the assymetry of denim bags...
  9. I LOVE THIS idea! It looks gorgeous!
  10. The only thing that bugs me is that the straps are lighter than the vachetta on the bag. Other than that it looks great! Cool idea!
  11. wow that's a great idea. I like theda too but the handle were too short. I didn't know the strap can come off easily like that. Thanks for the idea. Now i'm gonna try to find one on eBay.
  12. I think by using the straps more they will patina rapidly. It isn't as noticeable as what the picture shows. It is our dog. He is getting old and really I don't know what he is looking at because he doesn't see too well anymore. :confused1:
  13. I have the black denim cabby MM and love, love it. It is so different than any of my other LV's and is so easy to carry. It holds a ton without looking like it is a really big purse. It is safely a handbag I will keep forever!:heart:
  14. wow - very creative:tup:
  15. You are very creative!