My new Icy MP and baby stam are here!!!

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  1. I waited a whole week to get my new Fall 05 icy black MP...she was so worth the wait! The icy baby stam ain't so bad herself either! I really love this leather. It's shiny, textured goodness with sumptuous burgundy suede lining. Just gorgeous! Here are the pics I promised. Sorry for the blurry candid shots...Thanks again to all those who helped me to make the decision to get these babies!!!
    Thanks for taking a peek! :yahoo:



    Icy Family photo:

  2. gorgeous! i love your little icy black family. congrats!
  3. LOVE icy black - congrats!!
  4. What a gorgeous family!! I love them all! :love:
  5. sexy!
  6. thank you kim, kbell, melly, and jes! I think I may have enough black in my collection...time to venture into those plums and cherry tart reds!

    I realized that the pics came out so tiny. how do I make it an attachment so that the pics can be viewed bigger? sorry, my computer skillz be very limited...
  7. Delish! All of them! Your Stam so sooooo pretty... I want one so bad... m-u-s-t focus on zc...:sweatdrop:
  8. Great family shot! Lovely bags!
  9. Wow gorgeous bags.. looks like a dept store shelf ;)
  10. Love your family pic!!
  11. Just love it! I adore my icy black MJ too but I think yours is even prettier!
    Great find!
  12. I really love the Icy's, they are so gorgeous.

    I love your family!
  13. Love your collection! This is one of my favorite seasons ever.
  14. Very nice collection!!! Congrats on the new additions. Here's to many more!!!:flowers:
  15. thanks so much everyone.

    sep- let me know if you need help finding a stam! I'd be happy to help you hunt! mine is the Fall 05 petrol, but it's hard to tell from that tiny pic, I know.

    muggles, joke, thegirlgotsoul- thanks for the kind words. coming from you it means a lot.

    coach superfan- some other thread inspired me to replicate the store environment to my best ability using whatever I had at home. ;)

    hitchcock blonde- i'm sure your MP icy is an exact match to mine. we're bag twins!

    thithi-this is indeed my favorite as well. gotta love the icy!

    xi_captain- yes, there will be many more to come, for all of us I'm sure!

    thanks again!