my new icey black baby stam!

  1. okay, so i would consider myself a stam-o-holic:supacool:....upon first site in a vogue editorial back in 05, the one with karen elson, the kitty and the taupe stam....i fell in love. i was lucky enough to get one in icey leather before the stam craze hit, and right before they sold out....and became the next 'it' bag.

    My taupe is still my favorite bag in my collection. I had a black icey multipocket, but sold it....and since then, it had been in the back of my mind to get a stam in black icey leather...preferably the 'lil' stam'

    it arrived last week:yahoo:, after scouring eBay for the past few years for a deal....and here it is:

  2. Absolutely gorgeous...both of them!! Congrats jun!!!:yahoo:
  3. Beautiful!
  4. gorgeous collection! gotta love the stams! congrats!
  5. Absolutely Stunning! :heart::heart::heart:
  6. so pretty! :nuts:
  7. EEEEEKK!!! That is gorgeous!!!! Wow...worth the wait, huh?!?!? Congrats!!! I know you're still on cloud nine!!!
  8. I love your Stam family (stamily? :yes:)!
  9. :heart:

    OMG now I want one too!!

  10. oh thanks everyone!! yup, happy as a clam! i've been using it everyday since i got it last week. it was a NWT! i couldn't believe it...
  11. Beautiful June! I'm so jealous! What a perfect little bag.
  12. thanks thithi!
  13. that baby stam is out of control!

  14. It was NWT?! :nuts: I'm so jealous! Congrats!!
  15. yup! original tag and i was like OMG! can i BIN! i literally emailed the seller as soon as i saw it seeing if she'd do a BIN on the lisitng...:biggrin: