My new hot, stiff Baby.....

  1. Here is my new baby fresh from the Alaska store. I was looking for something red in 30cm, preferably very stiff/structured. I had originally went in on Thursday and saw a gorgeous Vermillion 30cm Birkin in Epsom but it was snatched up by someone else, so I mentioned to HG's guy what I was looking for and he told me to come back a little later.

    I came back with Grands Fonds & met CXYVR there. We meet him downstairs and sure enough he pulls out a gorgeous Rouge Garance 30cm in Epsom with gold hardware. It took me about 2 seconds to say I'll take it. This is where the story gets good....

    So I had the bag shipped to my parent's house because no one would be at my house for that next week since I was flying to Florida. I called my Dad two days in a row and said, "I bought a bag for myself from H, please hold it for me til I get home." He said, "no problem."
    Three days later, I get an excited call from my mother, "Oh my g-d, oh my g-d Thank you!!!!!!! YOU DIDN'T HAVE TO do that!!!!" :wtf:

    I had to break my poor mom's heart and tell her that it wasn't for her. And she cried. oy. As much as I love my mother, she completely destroys handbags (exploding pens, spilled make up) and a Birkin would be the last bag I would get her, though I do have something planned for her eventually.

    Anyway, she finally made her way back home:
  2. :nuts::nuts::nuts::nuts::nuts:Congratulations!!!

    Red is:yahoo: on list!!!
  3. OMG that bag is TDF!!! I love red with rich! you are soooo lucky! but your poor mom...she must have been :crybaby:when you told her!
  4. WOW!!!!! Just beautiful! And I love the 30cm Birkin!!!

    Awww, your Poor mom - gosh! Your story reminds me of that little girl, Darla, in the Finding Nemo movie (those with little kids will understand!!!!)
  5. Congratulations on the new hottie.....

    I do recall you had a particular fondness for the stiff ones.

    And this is one hot stiff number.

    I'm looking forward to shots of you with the new acquistion on your arm.

    Your poor mother. Her heart must have raced, stopped, and then been shattered. But nope. Not a good idea to bestow Birkins to someone whoe chews through bags.
  6. gorgeous!!!! :nuts: I saw a HAC once in the same color/leather and it's been haunting me ever since. WOW! (And I'm sure whatever you have planned for your mom will make her happy. :smile: )
    :drool: :drool: :drool:
  7. I forgot to add....if I saw something that hot, red & stiff I'd jump on it too! (and yes, I know how that sounds :angel:)
  8. CONGRATULATIONS! Red hot! Red Hot! :wlae:

    Japster, I seem to recall you have 35cm's. Is this your first 30cm?!
  9. E - that is one gorgeous bag! congratulations!

    red with GH is just TDF!
  10. Gorgeous! And poor mommy!
    (seems like we have something in common)
    :drool: :heart: :drool:
  12. Hot stuff....I am glad to see her home sound and safe with you.

    remember I told you that your mom might think you got a bag for her if you ship it to her house???? it really happend. I am sure she will enjoy what you are going to get her in the future.

    glad to see you home, we have to go have ice-cream with your hot stuff sometime.
  13. I know. :sad:

    I bought her some awesome gifts though (2 huge bottles of her favorite perfume, Dolce Gabbana sunglasses & more) and she actually said to me later, "I could never take care of a bag that nice."
  14. YAY! EPSOM in rg! that is one hot color and one hot bag! :smile:

    don't feel bad, you can always give your mom a bag later :smile: maybe start her out smaller and work up to a birkin if she takes good care of the others.

    anyway, enjoy that red beauty! :p