My new honey wisteria spy!

  1. I was really trying to be good:sad: ... but then I saw this baby at a really great price and I just couldn't say no! Here's my new baby:love: ... everytime I look at it, I hear Fergie singing 'GLAMOUROUS'! Just wanted to add a pic of my small spy family;)
    DSC_00242.JPG DSC_00124.JPG
  2. OMG! Your bags are AMAZING! Love the new acquisition!

  3. Gorgeous!!! Congrats!!! I love the wisteria in honey, what a beautiful one you have! :heart:
  4. Great bag--this one is definitely on my "short list"!
  5. congrats, It is a yummy bag!! They are both perfect!!
  6. Addy - Thanks so much:flowers: ... your latest acquisition is gorgeous as well! I love:heart: your black baby spy, definitely one on my wishlist!

    BalenciagaLove - Thank you so much:flowers: ... you have the most TDF spy collection here!:drool: I can only wish to have a spy family like yours someday.:yes:

    Litigatrix - Thanks:flowers: ... now I can only have a 'wish list' since DH won't be letting me buy anything for a while! LOL
  7. Thanks lothlorien14!:shame:
  8. I love the wistera Spy! Congrats to you! Enjoy!
  9. GORGEOUS wisteria SPY!!!:love: Don't you just LOVE the softness and the smell of leather?!:nuts::drool:
  10. Love it :heart: Love it :heart: Love it:heart: !! And its bretheren cognac spy is pretty amazing too!! Your spies are TDF!!:yahoo:
  11. Kat - Thanks so much:shame:

    H_addict - Thank you:flowers: ... I remember when you first got your wisteria spy, it looked so gorgeous on you! Now, you have your gorgeous Hermes family ... my favorite is your blue jean JPG!:drool:

    baglady.1 - You're too kind:shame: ... absolutely adore 'the LIZ', that's a gorgeous spy!
  12. Congrats on a stunning bag, The Wisteria is one of my most beautiful spys, did you know you can get the shoes to match.
  13. Aw ASL - you are killing me. It's my MUST have bag - I have wanted it for like FOREVER!

    Soooo sooooo jealous. Lucky lucky girl. Congrats its amazing!

    sob sob sob
  14. Gorgeous....congrats
  15. Love it! The wisteria is so lovely. Lucky girl!!!