My new homemade Toki bag :]

  1. S:huh::huh:oo...a week or so ago, i unknowingly bought a particular bag that just so happened to be FAKE. needless to say, i was angry at myself after finding out and started to listlessly browse japanla's online store. i came across those cute toki buttons and it suddenly gave me an idea. why not buy those buttons and just pin them all over the place and make it a whole new bag? so i bought 3 packs which came today and after 45 minutes of placing and pinning, i've made myself a one-of-a-kind toki bag! sadly, i dont think i'll be treating the bag w/ care since its a fake to begin with, but at least its 100000x's cuter now :]
    DSCN0963.JPG DSCN0964.JPG
  2. Cute, unique and original! Nice job and great idea.:yes:
  3. Oh no Momo, is it a fake I'm Not a Plastic Bag? :sad: So sorry, that stinks but you turned it into an adorable bag. That was a cute idea! :tup:
  4. Aww so sorry to hear about your crummy luck, but at least now you have a throwaround bag ! :yes:
  5. That is really cute! Bummer on getting a fake I'm Not a Plastic Bag bag, but at least you really turned lemons into lemonade!
  6. i :heart: it.

    mind if i borrow you idea?

    My 3 year old always bugs me for a tokidoki bag "Mom can i get a Hokey Dokey Bag" :roflmfao:, but she would never know how to take care of it. i was thinking about just buying a genric plain bag and just pin one button in the middle. waaa laaa...toki bag for a 3 year old!

    thanks for the idea!
  7. :roflmfao:That is awesome&adorable.

    The pin bag is totally cute, momo.chan! It's almost like Famiglia with a better background color. :yes:
  8. thanks guys! after i finished, i was definitely happier w/ the bag :]

    djr0658 of course you can use the idea! i'm just wondering why i didnt do this sooner :biggrin:

    tachikomatic - that was what i was thinking! and i wont have to worry when it gets dirty!

    actually, i let myself splurge on a (hopefully) real "i'm not a plastic bag" least this seller lives in the US and everything looks legit...keeping my fingers crossed!
  9. Good luck Momo. I hope you didn't pay a lot for the first one :push:. I bought mine from the UK and it was legit but I bought it right when they came out so I paid way over retail for it. :nuts: I :heart: that tote though, it's my post office tote...I bring all my packages to the PO in it!! :tup:
  10. Momo.chan: I like how you fixed a bad situation :smile: it's like famiglia but more fun cuz you did it! it's what i call a "use and abuse" bag...cuz u don't care what'll happen to it!
  11. jen - i didnt pay too much for the bag..its the shipping that was expensive! but yea, i hope this bag is real too...for the most part it looks real (i read the fake guides on eBay) sooo...heres to hoping! xP

    moofia - thanks! i was glad i could somehow use the bag even though i despised the fact it was fake. i just hope i dont mess up the buttons!
  12. i agree with tachikomatic that it is similar to Famiglia but with a better background colour :tup:

    i think that the brown in Famiglia is kinda poo-ish coloured :p
    but who knows, it might grow on me later ^.^

    maybe we should all start a thread on making DIY toki products...i know we have a few artsy people in here who have made some awesome toki crafts :yes:
  13. Oh, cute!

    You could get your I'm Not a Plastic Bag bag authenticated on tPF before buying :smile:
  14. that looks better than famaglia imo :biggrin: good job!
  15. those buttons are adorable. it really turned out to be an adorable tote, good job.