My new HH Mercer Satchel just arrived!!!

  1. It was waiting for me when I arrived home from vacation, yesterday. I love this bag! The leather is smooshy, the details are perfect, the size is right, and the quality is superb. I bought the satchel [in luggage] during their sale. If I had known I was going to like it so much, I would have gotten it in another color, as well. I feel a bit silly gushing over this bag, but it's the third HH I've purchased since joining tPF:wtf: /end of gushing

    BTW Since all of the bags were at deep discount, I'm not sure I've really gone OTT:nuts:
  2. I'm glad to hear about the quality. I have a Mercer wallet on the way. It's my first HH. I can't wait. The Mercer Satchel looks awesome. Congrats! :yahoo:
  3. Glad to hear you love it! I have 4 HH bags, all with wonderful leather but the leather on my black mercer satchel is the best -- incredibly soft, silky and smooshy with just the right amount of shine.
  4. Congrats! The mercer satchel's gorgeous and I love the saddle color too. Enjoy it!
  5. Don't feel silly! HH bags are DIVINE :smile: They are so addictive.
  6. pls post pics! congrats :smile: