My new HG bag has finally arrived **Reveal**

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  1. Good evening ladies! Ever since last spring when Vlad posted the Fall Preview I had my eye on this bag. Then I missed out when JAX had them in stock : ( sad day : ( ......So when I saw that a FP store on the east coast had ONE in stock I had to have it!!! So I did a charge send and without further adieu here she is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    P.S. Did I mention this is seriously my HG bag?? I dont even want another bag at this point because I feel like my collection is complete.

    Whos around??
  2. Here! can't wait to see!!!
  3. :woohoo:
  4. Here!!
  5. :couch:
  6. here
  7. Oooh ... Let's see this new beauty!
  8. Here it is ladies!!!

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  9. omg i want that bag SO BAD
  10. Here are some more shots! I pulled out my kristin embossed slim envelope to use with her. (Even though I have the matching Flagship slim envelope in the same color). I'm just not a wallet matchy to the bag kinda person.

    I just need some opinions now about what wristlet I should buy to coordinate with her. I have the crimson patent madison capacity wristlet you can see inside but I dont know If I love it with her. HELP PLEASE! SUGGESTIONS.....

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  11. Ohhh...and yes I did put the anniversary hangtag from my caroline on this one because I strongly believe that this should be an official anniversary bag too!!!
  12. The hardware on this bag is exquisite! And the bag is a very nice color. I love it when someone is able to track down a bag they want! Congrats ...
  13. Many congrat's on your HG bag!!You know its special when you feel like your collection is complete when your all set on bags for awhile. Enjoy that Beauty!!:smile:
  14. Congrats on your HG!!!
    What a great Bag!!!! The Flagship Chelsea is very nice!
    I love the wallet too!!! Great Choice!!

    Lynne :biggrin:
  15. Gorgeous bag! I can see why it's your HG! I haven't wanted to see this bag in person but none of the stores near me have it. The anniversary tag looks great on her!!

    Congrats, madisonave5011!!