my new Hermes purchase

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  1. I finally received my bag a few days ago! I'm so ecstatic. Here she is::smile:

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  2. [​IMG]
  3. :popcorn:
  4. please bear with me .. i'm resizing the photos while my kiddo is attached to my boobie...LOL
  5. no problem! i do that too:P

    whoa! :nuts:
  6. looks nice what I can see of it!
  7. Ta-daaa~! My new 35 Vache Liegee Rouge H Birkin :smile:

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  8. Gorgeous!! bag!! and CUTE Little FELLOW in your avatar!!:yahoo:

    Congratulations!! Now after you finish feeding...can we see some modelling pics?:P Mommy and baby are content now.:smile:
  9. :drool::drool::drool:

    thanks for sharing:smile:
  10. Ooooo! I haven't considered Rouge H before, but your photos have me convinced that it's just the perfect classic to carry! Gorgeous - congratulations!
  11. Here it is with camera flash (the color tones are so different under certain lights).

    Thanks HermesLover ! Modelling with my Birkin? :wtf: Hee hee... I'll try in a few weeks... after I lose like 30 lbs of post pregnancy weight.:sweatdrop:lol

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  12. CONGRATS!!!! Your new H bag is SIMPLY GORGEOUS!!! I LOVE IT!!! ROUGE H is one of my fave Hermes colors!!! a wonderful classic!!!
  13. Congratulations!!! Your birkin is absolutely stunning! Enjoy in the best of health!
  14. Wow, gorgeous! :drool: Congrats!
  15. Ok...hand over (one of) my dream bag(s)!!!!

    Congrats!!!....And I know what you figure out how to do everything with one hand when you're nursing...