My new Hermes Paris-Bombay bag!

  1. Here are pics of my new Paris Bombay in black epsom.

    I love it :love: :love: :love:

    I also bought a twilly because I think it looks cute ... less formal.




    I have another story, I know it is off topic, so scroll down if you're bored.

    I flew to London for a meeting yesterday and when we arrived at the airport, the pilot said that immigration officers are coming on board the plane so we should stay seated. Surprise, it was not immigration officers. 5 policemen with guns and full-armour body suits and bullet-proof vests entered and stopped in front of one of the passengers. They told the guy to stand up, put him in handcuffs and took him out of the plane. That was one of the scariest and weirdest travelling experiences that I had.
  2. Love your new PB...what leather is it? Details please???

    That is scarey... wow.
  3. Very cute bag- nice compliment to your Kelly. Weird experience on the plane, a little too much drama for my blood- must have made you a little nervous.
  4. Oh my, I love it!!! It's like a whole new look with the Twilly.
  5. Very cute bag! Can you get it on your shoulder?
  6. Congrats! I love it and it looks great with the Twilly. Scary about the situation on the plane!
  7. Thanks guys!

    It's epsom leather. The only hardware is the zipper. Below the little square leather piece in the middle is the stamp for the year and the stamp of the craftsman.

    I really like how structured the bag is and I can put my bearn wallet, GM agenda, keys, small umbrella, and make-up stuff.

    I saw it yesterday morning at the shop. Then when I left the store I couldn't get it out of my head. I flew to London in the afternoon and I asked my SA to reserve it for me until I come back from London today in the afternoon. When I came back, my SA said that 3 people wanted to buy it, but she had to tell them ... NO!

    It was so funny, they had the bag in the window just to show people the style and decorate the window. Then, below it is the little "H" metal with the sign "reserved". I asked them to give me this as it's a nice memory.

    The plane experience was really WEIRD and nerve-wracking! Especially because the man they arrested was Asian ... and I am also Asian and sitting in the same row just across the aisle. I thought, oh my God, I hope they don't arrest all Asians in the plane!
  8. Oooh La Van!!! I'm liking the bag!! I wasn't aware of that style before - and I love, love the twilly!! So're helping me to feel less guilty about my latest splurges...:cry:

    And the airplane experience - how awful - what is this world coming too!??
  9. I love how you pair it with the twilly to give it some color. A great informal bag, and it looks comfie to carry too!

    Yikes, that airplane story is definitely scary. Especially nowadays!
    I wonder what that guy did??
  10. I also wonder what that guy did. But I'm glad there was no problem when the police took him out of the plane. Just imagine if he would have resisted and start a commotion.

    Vixy - I'm really loving the bag also with the twilly. It's so cute and a nice informal bag! Remove the twilly and it's more classic.

    Shoes - Your latest Hermes splurges have been very beautiful items.
  11. Love it! It's a *gorgeous* bag. You will probably enjoy it for years and years to come (I hope!).
  12. the bag looks so nice! love the twilly too! is your favorite color pink? ;)
  13. yes... pink and red.

    The twilly is actually lilac
  14. wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
  15. Here are more pictures so you can better see the dimension and what can fit inside the bag: