my new hermes items & the hermes boston store

  1. hi girls! i haven't posted any new entries in awhile since i've been pretty busy with work and getting ready to go to VEGAS and LA next week! i'll be staying in costa mesa too, so i'll definitely be checking out the SCP HERMES!

    so no pictures yet, but this is a list of items i've acquired in the last few weeks since getting my birkin:

    - turquoise chevre mysore bearn bifold wallet w/gussets, ph
    - pegasus silver cadena (my SA found this one lying in the cadena box!!)
    - H reversible belt (black/orange) with silver H buckle 80cm

    i was looking at the key holder wallet too but the only interesting color my SA could find was BJ which she shipped from DC for me, but since i decided on the turquoise bearn, i decided to hold out for another color in the keyholder.

    NEVER get tired of H items, i love my birkin more every day!! :love:

    notable items i saw at the hermes store in boston today:

    - JUST arrived today, a BJ lindy in clemence w/ ph!! gorgeous. it was the smaller size, i loved it when i was trying it on. it was $4700. they had 3 available - one in etoupe and one in potiron.

    - the SA showed me a 28 kelly from the black with black box and black canvas, and ZIP POCKETS on the front and back - it was gorgeous!

    - a brown croc 32 kelly in the display case - TDF :drool:

    - a HUGE birkin 50 in a beigish color in the window

    pictures later if i have time but i just wanted to share!!!! have a great wknd ladies!!!
  2. you are on a roll msbean! congrats!!! can't wait to see more of your lovely pics!
  3. Sounds Dinvine !!!! I can't wait to see the Chevre Bearn in Turquoise..
    and they have Lindy in BJ Clemence ??!!!!!!!!! :heart: :heart:
  4. Can't wait to see the pics. Congrats!
  5. sounds like a great group of goodies you've got! Congrats!!! Have fun on your trip! I'll be hitting up Vegas myself in a bit!
  6. :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: WOW :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:
  7. Good for you. Congratulations. Have a wonderful time in Vegas and don't forget to post photos...
  8. What wonderful choices!!
    Cannot wait to see pictures!!
  9. Can't wait to see pictures of the goodies!! :yes:
  10. sounds like a great trip to the store, enjoy your goodies !!
  11. GREAT selections msbean! Wow, the Boston store sounded like it was well-stocked!
  12. wow, msbean! you've been shopping up the storm! post pics as soon as you can!
  13. Wonderful loot and a great H Boston report - some treasures there!
  14. pelinaka, lovethatthing, rose, shoes319, kellybag, m_butterfly, sus, ms.fashionista, diana, orchids... thanks everybody!!! i love my new items - the turquoise looks good with the chartreuse :smile: i wasn't planning on getting a cadena but when i saw the pegasus i was like OMG! :yahoo:

    i forgot to mention also that the store also had a whole shelf of those new bags in canvas - don't know the name.

    and lovethatthing, YES, they had a lindy in bj clemence! i hadn't read much about that particular color/leather combo on this board so i was pretty excited to see it!

    pictures tonight if i can pull myself together... and definitely some pics when i get back from vegas and la!
  15. Yes, pictures please! I'm loving your color choices! Plan to copy! :graucho:

    When you are at SCP, say hello to my friend Craig, the manager at Chopard. He is a dear kind man :smile: