My new Hermes goodies!

  1. I got my order from, tribord rings and a Tohu Bohu twilly. I love the twilly - green is one of my favorite colors! :love:

    Sorry that the pictures are so dark, it's foggy right now.


  2. [​IMG]

  3. [​IMG]

  4. They're so cute and playful!!! Just in time for the summer. Excellent choice, Honu!:flowers:
  5. Very pretty!!! I like!!
  6. Love the colors on your twilly! That is fabulous! Great purchases!
  7. Love the twilly! So cute!
  8. Thanks, koukanamiya! I look forward to using the twilly with the tribord rings. Thanks to gigi's pictures, I will try that out today.
  9. That is my favorite new Twilly!!
  10. That Twilly is cute. I think the colors are so fun. Good choice.
  11. I love that Twilly! Great colors...very happy...lots of fun! Great purchase...enjoy it!
  12. Wonderful purchases!!!!! I love the twilly too!!!!! And don't you LOVE those great orange boxes?
  13. the twilly is so cheerful! love the bright colors!
  14. Congrats! Fun twilly!
  15. Love that twilly! Congrats!