My new Heritage Stripe Billfold + Transatlantic Leather Map Bag

  1. I have purchased Coach for others, except for myself. I never really liked Coach until I saw the Heritage Stripe. I went in on Wednesday to order the black Transatlantic Leather Map bag. One of my managers told me that they had received Heritage Stripe items and showed me a piece. When I felt the canvas, I fell in love! It was almost like LV's Monogram Canvas, so I ordered that too! I love how many CC slots it has and the blue stripe on the front right side. :love:

    When I went to go pick up my items yesterday, everyone I showed also liked my billfold. I think I'm going to start carrying that so I can push more people into buying items from this line! :p One thing that was a downer was that when I opened up the box that my messenger bag was in, I saw it had 1 deep scratch along with a few others on the bag. :cursing: So I exchanged it for another. It should be here on Wednesday?





  2. Congrats! You made some great choices! My SA said that Coach is coating the canvas now. I didn't really get what she meant, but now that you said that it felt like LV canvas it made sense. Maybe it's more resilient coated. IDK.

    I just got my sons each a small wallet and my husband the same wallet as yours but in leather (it does hold so much more). I especially love that it has the ID window that flaps up. It's alot more convenient than having to pull you DL out of a slot!

  3. John! I love it! Its about time you do something nice for yourself, you deserve it hun!! Enjoy!:tup:
  4. Wow!!! I love that wallet. My fiance is looking at it over my shoulder and he totally wants it! Congrats.
  5. Great choices and I love that wallet! I really like the stripe with the horse & buggy on it!!
  6. It's not bad either for being $148!!!! :nogood: Tell him I recommend this highly!

    Other additions: LV Taiga Sayan in Ardoise, LV black MC Widescreen iPod Case, and brown Prada leather wallet.
  7. Ooh. Love that wallet. Can't wait to see the bag. :popcorn:
  8. Nice wallet! I think its perfect for you.
  9. what is the style # on this item so i can order it for my fiance
  10. John, very nice!:tup: I was surprised at the coated canvas too. I had my doubts when I ordered my tote, but when I opened the box, WOW! Glad you like it too!;)
  11. John,

    Love this wallet, and it's about time you picked up a little Coch for yourself!

    Would love to see pics of the bag when you get it!
  12. The model number for the billfold is: 74102. Your finace will LOOOVE this!
  13. I absolutely love that wallet! I'm definitely a fan of the coated canvas :yes:

    I hope your new bag will be in perfect shape. Congrats on all of your new additions & enjoy :tup:
  14. congrat's John , great purchase.

  15. does that little ID part come out he loves that on his other coach walelt thanks.. and is this the only color it comes in rite now?