My new Hello Kitty purse with credit card

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  1. For those who love Hello Kitty :love:

    I got my new Hello Kitty credit card a few weeks ago and when I applied for it it said that I'd get a free Hello Kitty change purse. I didn't pay attention to that (I've waited for gifts with purchase before and they didn't show up!) so this is what I got in the mail:


    I'm going to give it to my goddaughter next week when I see her. :yahoo:
  2. OOOh I love Hello Kitty!
    I wonder why Canada dosen't have these adorable credit cards, fun credit cards - because if they do, I would be the first to sign up!

    The most exciting was like hockey teams, and baseball teams and your former university credit card... BORING!

  3. That's adorable- you're goddaughter is a lucky girl!
  4. Aw Gotta Love hello Kitty! Thats so cute :yes:
  5. I love Hello Kitty! That is so cute!
  6. so cute....
    i will check out the sanrio store.
    I have eben wanting to buy hello kitty stuff.
  7. I love it!! The credit card is adorable too.
  8. How adorable! Thanks for the pic! :smile:
  9. Even I like that little kitty purse, it is really adorable.
  10. That's absolutely adorable! I used to LOVE HK as a kid...this coin purse is so stinkin' cute!
  11. so cute im sure your goddaughter will love it!
  12. too cute!
  13. I got the Hello Kitty credit card when it first came out and it has a different picture and the gift was a kitty cell phone holder.
  14. OMG How cute is that??? You just reminded me, I have a Batz Maru sequence purse. Gonna have to break that puppy out and take some photos!
    That Hello Kitty purse makes me want a Hello Kitty Visa! Ahhhh!
  15. So adorable, I love Hello Kitty! I'm currently looking for a Hello Kitty compact mirror for my purse, lol.