My New Hayden Hartnetts

  1. These were a birthday present from my sister in law. :heart:

    My mouth fell to the floor when I saw not one but two beautiful bags in the box!!! Am I a lucky girl or what?:yahoo:

    You ROCK glily!:tup:
    100_1928.JPG 100_1927.JPG
  2. Oh lucky, lucky gal! What a wonderful SIL you have:yes:! I love that clutch - hmm...maybe on my wish list again!
  3. Wow that is some SIL, gorgeous bags.
  4. Lucky Girl! I love the clutch (and color) so much I just ordered it!
  5. CONGRATULATIONS! i agree with everyone else that your SIL is the sweetest ever! good choice with hubby ;)

    are these your first hayden-harnetts?
  6. What a kind and generous SIL.....enjoy! I have the Dominique Satchel in Cream and love the organization and size of the bag along with the unique color. AND then you got a completely different style/function with the clutch....she's very thoughtful.:yes:
  7. Congrats! I got the Mercer Triple Compartment from the sale and I looove it!
  8. Really gorgeous bags, congrats! I have the Dominique in chestnut and the leather, sytle, and size are wonderful.
  9. Congrats! I love them! I saw the first one in purple another day and it's smaller than I thought; but the leather is much better than I thought. :lol:
  10. You're lucky! :girlsigh: I have the same Dominique Satchel in cream. It's a gorgeous looking bag! And the Mercer Clutch in kimono is on my wishlist! :tender:

  11. Yes they are--the leather is fantastic! And yes my SIL is the sweetest ever!

    Thanks for all the kind words I am so excited about these bags.
  12. goooorrrggggeeeooouuuss! Love them enjoy!
  13. What a great sis-in-law. Give her a big hug. She has great taste. I have the Dominique satchel in cream and I think its a really versatile bag. And the clutch is just gorgeous.
  14. LOVE the Dominique! Enjoy!
  15. Woohoo CONGRATS! What a great sil you have!