My new Hayden-Harnett

  1. Got this new baby at LB with 20% off. Original price was $550 and I paid $440 with the discount, which makes it much cheaper than buying it through the HH website (which would've been around $511 with the 15% discount but plus the NY tax and shipping). This is the Mercer Nico XX bag. I really love it but I have some doubts on the size (it's huge, even on my 5'8 frame) and the leather is the very light kind that makes me think that it will rub off it's color on my clothes at some point. So what do you ladies think??? All opinions will be appreciated. :P
    xoxo, C
    nico2.jpg IMG_0026.JPG IMG_0027.JPG
  2. That is the Luggage, correct? The color will not rub off, it is just velvet-y. I like the size on you, I think you are tall enough to pull it off. I am 6 inches shorter than you and it would not work on me. I think it is a fabulous color. If you decide against the size, you could try the Havana Hobo in the same color.

    I think it looks really good on you, though.
  3. I was in LB just this weekend checking this bag out. It IS huge but with the foldover the top and all it isn't so bad. Still trying to decide if I want the coral or no.
  4. I actually think it looks too big on you. The shape is really cute but because it's so big, not chic enough. You might risk looking like a um, bag lady. *_* I say go for something smaller!
  5. Nice! Congrats!
  6. woohoo! i love it - i have the havana hobo in tweed and was thinking about getting this one (cuz it's bigger) if i can manage to get together enough money lol.
  7. Thanks ladies!!! I saw the Havana Hobo IRL and tried it on and actually thought that it was too small!
  8. I think it looks great! It is a big bag, but if that's what you're looking for I think it's fab. =)
  9. I like it. Congrats!
  10. Looking good =)
  11. I like it. Thanks for the pictures - I was just thinking about this bag this weekend and how big it was/wasn't. I think it looks great on you. What is the interior?
  12. Awesome. Very versatile color.
  13. The interior is this amazing H-H print lining.
  14. It is quite large but it looks nice on you.
  15. Great-looking bag, congrats!