my new hayden harnett purchases

  1. So I couldn't sleep last night, right, and decided to surf the net. Came across the purse forum and started reading all about these new great bags from Hayden-Harnett. I checked out the website and blew lots of dollars buying two bags, the mercel satchel in chocolate and the lorca luxe in black. I love the way they looked on the web but it was such a spontaneous purchase that I might be experiencing buyer's remorse right now. I am wondering if anyone has bought these bags, especially the Lorca luxe, and has been satisfied/dissatisfied with their purchase. I'd like to hear from y'all. The bags are probably coming next week

    Pinky :P
    clutch_chc_med.jpg lorcaw_blk_med.jpg
  2. i ike the right one better. the leather looks so soft.
  3. ooh that lorca! love the detailing on the flap!
  4. I bought the luxe last year. I liked the leather on it but it was just a little to long and narrow for me so I returned it. I have purchased a couple other leather bags from HH and I really have liked all the detailing and the leather on them. I think you're going to like it!
  5. I like the one on the right!
  6. Sorry - I don't have either of those, but I'm very happy with my Havana hobo. Very nice quality and detail, imo.
  7. I have the HH mercer satchel but in black. It's my favorite bag at this time. I use it for work and weekends. The leather is really nice. I love the compartments on the bag. I hope you'll love yours, too.
  8. thanks everyone for the positive comments and can't wait to hear more!

    SSM, what style and color of HH bags did you get? Were any of them smaller than the luxe?
  9. I really like that Mercer clutch.
    Where did you buy it from? I might want to have a look at it. :yes:
    Let us know what you think when you receive it as well!
  10. I bought both purses from the website, before buying the purses, i actually surfed the net and read all the comments on the bags. It seems the Mercer clutch is very popular and has been profiled on a lot of fashion mags like Instyle, Elle, Lucky. I hope the hype is worth it. i'll let you know when i get them.
  11. I got the mercer triple compartment satchel in iznik yellow and at the recent sample sale I just bought the Inka big clip hobo in olive. The purse is in fabulous condition and it was over 50% off. Both have more space than the lorca luxe.
  12. Both those purses look cute! I just received a HH Mercer Satchel and a Thalia and I love them both. The leather on the Mercer Satchel is sooooo soft and wonderful! The leather on the Thalia is also soft and scrumptious but not quite as squishy as the Mercer Satchel. Anyway, the bags I've received from them are great and I hope you love yours!
  13. I have the Mercer Clutch in Luggage and I LOOOOOOOVE it! The leather is unbelievable. I had one in the chalk color as well but I returned it. The leather on that one was nothing like the Luggage color.
  14. Anybody got an Ana frame bag in chocolate before? Is there any red hue in the color? The pictures on The Purse Store seem to be pure brown, but pictures on Feng Junk and Luna Boston look like a mixture of brown and burgundy.
  15. very nice. Love that lorca flap!