My New Hayden Harnett Nico!!!!

  1. Here she is! She got here today ( a whole day early!~LOL)

    Love this big bag! Perfection for me!:smile:

    The leather is TDF!:love: Buttery soft!!!!:yahoo:

    Here are some pictures although it is hard to get the color true to life!

    I showed pictures of the outside pockets. There are 4 in total. 2 on the front and 2 in the back~very handy! They have hidden magnetic snaps~which is great! The leather is wrinkled but it is b/c it was folded up when sent and the wrinkles will go away after I start using her!
    DSC01524.JPG DSC01530.JPG DSC01531.JPG DSC01512.JPG DSC01510.JPG
  2. Should I get this bag in black too! It's so perfect for me!!!! I need a black bag! What do you think?????
  3. If you got that bag for $330 (I think you posted), then YES. Grab the black. Congrats, your new baby looks beautiful.
  4. Thanks Diamond!:smile: I think I'll order later!!! It's such a great bag.
  5. that looks really soft... pretty too.. congrats.
  6. Thanks blu! It's 100% nicer IRL then in the pics!
  7. Beautiful! I was contemplating on getting this bag a few weeks ago, but didn't b/c I thought it would be difficult to get into the main compartment. Is it?
  8. I have only used it briefly today. I thought it may annoy me too. I can't say yet if it's annoying b/c I really haven't used it! LOL I'll let you know tomorrow! The outside compartments are so great though! You can put your keys, cellphone in the outer pockets.
  9. ^I agree! The outside pockets and buttery leather is what hooked me...but i was hesitant b/c of the main zippered compartment. regardless, the bag is absolutely stunning! i saw in the Lucky magazine spread and fell in love immediately!
  10. ^^^Oh- is it a recent issue? Yeah- the buttery leather and outside pockets did it for me too! LOL Maybe I'll wait on the black until I'm sure I don't have any regrets!
  11. I took the luggage tag off too!
  12. I'm exchanging it for the black!!!:shame: I need a black shoulder bag!
  13. Looks amazing!!!! I just bought the Havana Hobo in Chocolate, cant wait to get it!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Congrats hilary!!!!!!!! I just sent my luggage Nico bag back last night! I'm exchanging it for the black! Did you order from Fengjunk? They are truly the best! They paid for my return shipping cost and are sending me the black Nico for free again! Great customer service!!!!!!!!!!
  15. It's a beautiful bag, enjoy the black!