My new Hayden Harnett bag is bigger than I thought :(

  1. I've been searching for that perfect everyday bag. I'm on a college student's budget. I thought that an LV would be perfect but the only one I could afford was the Speedy 25 and I don't really like it. I would love to buy a preloved bag but I don't have access to the MP and I don't trust eBay. So I thought a Hayden Harnett would be the way to go. However, when I opened the box today my new Giza travel sachel was MUCH bigger than I thought! Too big for me to use as an everyday bag. Should I return it and keep looking for that perfect bag?

    This is the one I bought:
  2. I personally like this bag- but I think it's more appropriate as a work/travel tote than an everyday purse. But you mention you are in school- I think it would be a great school bag. Tough choice.
  3. You already answered your own question :smile: You said you wanted an everyday bag, but that this one was too big for everyday!

    If you don't like it from the start, you never will. I would send it back, and wait for a bag that you *love*, rather than spend the money and never really enjoy it.
  4. ITA! Find bags that you love and bookmark them, wait til they go on sale and nab one!
  5. ^^Good advice! Return your bag since it isn't your favorite.
  6. Serendipity- Random, but I really, really love your "signature." The words are wise ones to live by!