My new Harlequin in anthracite -Pics-

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  1. Hi ladies, like to share with you my newest Miu Miu purchase.
    Just bought the medium Harlequin with one handle.
    Here she is! my new baby!:yahoo:i just adore the silk purple lining inside..
    So here are some shots :nuts:
  2. CONGRATULATIONS! :tup: I absolutely love the bag. I have the same in the large size. Enjoy it!
  3. congratulations, a really lovely bag, i love the style and the colour
  4. Congrats! Nice bag!
  5. Congrats!! lovely bag
  6. aw i love this bag! it's pretty and i've always loved the details/texture of it :love:
  7. Amazing, definitely one of Miu Miu's best!
  8. I love it, so amazing (and on my wishlist :P)
  9. Thanks for all the nice comments, ladies :flowers:I'm really happy to have this beauty with me now. :love: She is really amazing, with a gorgeous color and great leather.
  10. It's Gorgeous!!! Congratulations!!!:drinkup: