My new handbag with the PCE !!!

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  1. Nothing was calling me at the Coach Boutique and tomorrow is the last day for the PCE so I went back to the Boutique and fell in LOVE with this Hobo. Here's picture from the website- I'll take photo's later. She has really supple lightweight leather and not heavy at all! It's slouches so nicely!!


  2. Very pretty!
  3. Great bag. I thought PCE ran through the weekend?
  4. Awesome! Congrats!! I got this bag too, but I'm not loving the slouch on me. :sad:
  5. Congrats - I loved how this bag felt on - would have bought it, if it had come in another color - I have a ton of brown bags in similar styles and don't want the metallic -wish they made that in a dark wine!!
  6. Love it!
  7. LOVE the bag.

    Had a moment of panic though. Had to check my PCE card again. It is good through the 24th, which is Sunday. WHEW!
  8. Very pretty!
  9. Very pretty.
  10. Nice bag, congrats!
  11. I love this bag, I have been considering getting it myself. congratulations!
  12. I have metallic - It's a great look and easy bag enjoy!
  13. You are right -- I made a mistake - for some reason I thought I only had till the 21st to use the PCE Card. The SA took it and did not give it back to me to use again. She put it in a drawer. I'm surprised she did not try and get me to buy something else!
  14. Gorgeous bag! Love the woven flap, congrats!
  15. pretty color!