My New Hamptons Vintage Hobo and PCE Stuff

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  1. Finally got a few pics taken - here's my new Hamptons Vintage Hobo in Teal - I love this bag - it has so many pockets and the single strap sits on my shoulder well - I think I'll love it even more when it breaks in and slouches a bit more! Oh, yes, I'm burning that top I have on I swear - it is not a maternity top but sure looks like one in pics;)

    On PCE I got: Fox, Bulldog and purple Girlie keyfobs (last one for DD), the Legacy cologne, Lipgloss in Hibiscus and the Legacy Lipgloss Charm. I also ordered the Poodle keyfob, Legacy Stripe Cashmere Scarf, Sabrina Wallet in Berry and...... the Sabrina in Green Patent! I'll post pics when they get here.

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  2. That hobo looks so good on you congrats!
  3. Everything is gorgeous!! I can't wait to see pics of the Sabrina!!!!!
  4. The hobo is to die for!! I've been fixated on this bag since I saw it in the store last week. I keep thinking about what I can sell in order to buy her. Enjoy (and the bag looks beautiful on you).
  5. I cant wait to see your Green patent sabrina . I order it also! I hope you like yours and I like mine also!
  6. when is your stuff going to come?? can't wait to see the berry wallet
  7. This week for sure, but she wasn't sure what day -maybe by Wed.
  8. Love the color! The bag looks great on you! :tup:
  9. Beautiful purchases Suzzeee, I cant wait to see your new sabrina~!!!
  10. I love all your purchases Suzzeee! Love all your little accessories too! That bag looks gorgeous on you, congrats!
  11. I love that color. That is a gorgeous bag and it looks fab on you.
  12. Congrats! I got this same bag in the gray and I LOVE it! Did you also see the Vintage Hamptons petrol color?? I love that color so much too! I think that they came out with the best colors for this collection! I wish that the Vintage Hamptons Hobo cost a little less - then I would own it in every color!
  13. Thank you for posting that Teal bag! I've been wanting to see pics of it. It's gorgeous! What does the lining look like?
  14. I LOVE the color. That bag looks great on you. Congrats on all of your purchases.
  15. That Teal Hobo is sooo pretty & it looks great on you!:tup:

    Enjoy everything!