My new Hampstead MM (Pics) & comparisons to BH

  1. My relatives decided that they had enough of Universal Studios today, so we left early and I was able to drive to my LV boutique and pick up my new Hampstead MM today!! My SA said that everyone was picking up their Hampsteads today (must be tPFers!). She had two for me to look at since I always like to look at several before I pick the "perfect" purse!

    Here are lots of pics and I've also compared the Hampstead MM to the Batignolles Horizontal and also referenced the Hampstead against a Pochette. I went a bit picture crazy.... very excited about my new purse!! The pics are out of order.....

    If the Hampstead looks a bit strange, it's because the straps are not yet attached - I thought it would be easier to take pics... By the way, the straps are about 31.75 inches long.


    IMG_1482 copy.jpg

    IMG_1483 copy.jpg

    IMG_1484 copy.jpg

    IMG_1485 copy.jpg

    IMG_1486 copy.jpg
  2. more pics:

    IMG_1487 copy.jpg

    IMG_1489 copy.jpg

    IMG_1490 copy.jpg

    IMG_1491 copy.jpg

    IMG_1492 copy.jpg
  3. even more pics:
    IMG_1493 copy.jpg

    IMG_1494 copy.jpg

    IMG_1495 copy.jpg

    IMG_1496 copy.jpg

    IMG_1497 copy.jpg
  4. love it, congrats! :biggrin:
  5. Looks great! It's a very nice-sized bag.
  6. Pretty! Love the red interior! :drool: Thanks for sharing a lot of pics, very helpful.
  7. ok... this is it for photos:
    IMG_1498 copy.jpg IMG_1499 copy.jpg IMG_1500 copy.jpg IMG_1488 copy.jpg
  8. I LOVE this bag, you lucky girl, congratulations !!!
  9. I forgot to mention that my Hampstead MM is "Made in Spain." Haven't located the date code.... if anyone knows where to look, please let me know! Thx!
  10. Fabulous new bag!
  11. Congrats on the new BAG!!!:nuts:
  12. Thanks for the comparison pics! I love the size!
  13. beautiful new bag!!!
  14. I like!!
  15. congrats:biggrin: