My new hair!!

  1. Hey yall! I finally got my hair cut today! This is the best before picture I have(I ALWAYS had my hair up). And here is the after picture, its not the best..but you get the idea!

  2. Very cute!!! I Like it alot
  3. you look so pretty i like it btw your eyebrows are so fab!!
  4. So Nice!
  5. I Love Love Love it! Looks so good on you!
  6. Great length! I also like how the cut frames your face better.
  7. Love ur new hair!! Very fresh-looking and cute:cutesy:
  8. I like it! very fresh and pretty x
  9. you are so gorgeous and your new haircut is so pretty!
  10. ooh your hair looks great. It really frames your face.
  11. The new do looks really great on you! :tup:
  12. Really cute and stylish ... I wonder what it looks like curled. ??
  13. LOVE it! It totally suits you!
  14. LOVE it, great choice!!
  15. Super cute! I love it!!

    BTW- Your little Mariah is so freakin cute! I usually prefer short haired ones but she's ADORABLE!! She would get along nicely with my little Shay. Chihuahua's are the best!