~My New H Goodies~

  1. I needed color in my life! So, I got these... :yahoo:

    - Blue Jean Togo Birkin 35cm w/PH
    - Potiron Chevre Kelly 35cm w/GH

    Thanks for letting me share!
    Mom's Pics 002.jpg Mom's Pics 001.jpg Mom's Pics 003.jpg
  2. Holy Moly! Congratulations Pelinaka!!!! Gorgeous colors indeed! I love both! ENjoy in the best of health!
  3. Peli, you don't muck around, do you?

    LOVE them both!!!!!!!!!
  4. Gorgeous, Pelinaka!!!!! You did good, girl!!! Amazing colors!!! Just fabulous...
  5. A seriously good day for you. Love those beauties!
  6. awesome peli!!!! such beautiful vibrant colors!!! CONGRATS!!!
  7. Oh wow! Great choices! They look fabulous!!!
  8. whoa! that's some goodies you got there!!! they are both delicious!!!!! Congratulations!!!
  9. What a pair!!!
    congratulations P!
    miss kelly is absolutely glowing from within!~

  10. Woo Hoo Peli!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!:yahoo:

    Both are gorgeous!! I love them and the colors are the hottest! Can't wait to see modelling pics.

    (Question: Why are they in your bed?? Do you and your DH each get to hug one? or is it b/c those kneepads are coming from the little lock pouches):graucho: :nuts:
  11. Congratulations.
  12. Congratulations Pelinaka! Both are so gorgeous!
  13. WHOA Pel! Congratulations!!! They're both beautiful---and here I was expecting some lovely small accessories from the title of your thread....instead I get wowed by these two beauties! Just stunning!
  14. Whoa!!!!! A little color is right!!!!!! These baby's are gorgeous!!!!
  15. What fabulous colors and beautiful bags! You scored big time...