my new H babies

  1. Hi all, Happy new year! just wanted to share my new bags with someone who would appreciate them - a PM picotin in blue jean clemence with palladium hardware, and a 40cm souple kelly in clemence with shoulder strap. can anyone recommend a scarf that would go well with the kelly?? (it's really rouge but looks more burgundy with my camera)
    IMG_0395.JPG IMG_0396.JPG
  2. :nuts: :nuts: :nuts: that's the kelly that started me going nuts for the kelly bag. i can't believe someone here has one!!! :yahoo:
    so gorgeous, unebelievably gorgeous
    (and a good test of my convictions, to those that are following my fever:graucho: - i'm not tempted). i love seeing it.
  3. Wow!! Both bags are just gorgeous! Congrats!!
  4. Those are some great lookin' kids you got there!! I think a scarf with some creams, browns & taupes would be pretty with both of these! There's one I'm thinking of on I'll be right back.
  5. Cheers to you for your great new additions!!!
    Some of our first for 2007
    :drinkup: :drinkup: :drinkup:
  6. wow that's great but they don't ship to UK :sad: ..

    i have seen two on eBay i love - one which would def go with both bags - 100% authentic HERMES 'TROPHEES de VENISE' SCARF (item 160064981570 end time 17-Jan-07 21:58:01 GMT) - and BRAND NEW AUTHENTIC HERMES SILK SCARF VIE DU GRAND NORD (item 320065480389 end time 06-Jan-07 09:37:16 GMT). decisions!! (i also wantd a darkish scarf as i have a baby and the marks are less noticeable, otherwise pale scarves are at my cleaners every week. thanks for your kind words all. best wishes for 2007!
  7. Beautiful new bags!!!! COngratulations!
  8. Lovely bags, congrats! I have never seen a strap like that before.... does it come with a special kind of Kelly?
  9. congrats!!!! lovely bags!!!!!!
  10. beautiful colors!!!!!!!!! congrats!!!
  11. How gorgeous - teeny tiny Picotin and grand Dame Kelly! The perfect combo!
    I have a rouge H Trim and love wearing scarves with pink and sky blue with it. Also, scarves with black colorways look wonderful with it.
  12. Gorgeous bags!!! Congrats!!!
  13. i think it is a standard strap that Hermes make, actually the strap ends are in courcheval not clemence so don't match excatly but as it is the same leather shade it isn't noticeable. i have seen these straps on eBay before, it's the same type as on my Evelyn but works well here i feel. xx
  14. Gorgeous! :yahoo: I would get the Decoupages (not sure of spelling) scarf in the rouge colorway if I had that Kelly. :love: