My new H babies!!!!!!

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  1. Check out my new babies..... had to do a bit of shopping to get on the list for a birkin!!!!! oppinions plz.......
    Picture 8.jpg Picture 9.jpg Picture 11.jpg Picture 10.jpg
  2. They're BEAUTIFUL, Filfils!!!! I LOVE the Jige!!!! Color/leather please?????

    CONGRATULATIONS!!!! You're on your way!!!!!
  3. Gorgeous loot! Love the Jige and Vision agenda :yes:
  4. great buys!! were you able to get on the list??
  5. Lovely Filfils! I love the Jige:love: , it's one of my favourite H bags: I'll have to get myself one when my Birkin/Kelly wishlist is fulfilled.....:wlae:
  6. Congratulations!:party:
  7. Lovely!! I am a simple girl, but that agenda and the Jige is something I actually see myself getting from H at some point. Congratulations and good luck with your future Birkin!!!
  8. Great loot! Enjoy them in great health!
  9. gorgeous new babies!
    the jige and the vision agenda are great choices and colors
    as you start your H rainbow collection!
    enjoy the happy beginning on the road to a birkin! :heart:
  10. wow love those babies!!!!
  11. They are both beautiful!!!! COngraultations!!!!!!!!!
  12. filfils - lovely purchases! enjoy them!
  13. Gorgeous!! :drool: Congratulations!
  14. Lovely, Congrats!
  15. Love the jige!!! Congrats on both!