My new H additions

  1. Am I dreaming?:nuts: This seems to good to be true! :yahoo::yahoo:

    Heres my new H addition.....

    30cm Bleu Jean Clemence with GHW
    30cm Rouge Garance Togo with PHW
    Blue1.JPG Blue2.JPG Red1.JPG Red2.JPG
  2. Ooo! Love them both!! (I think you need a white one now - consider it your patriotic duty!)
  3. I think both are gorgeous -- but I admit I am partial to the Rouge Garance!!!

  4. gorgeous!! Congrats!
  5. oh lovely! please post more. I can't get enough of it!
  6. WOW!! I'm speechless!!! They are both gorgeous! More pics pls!!!!
  7. Bagenvy ~ Omgoodness.... Blue Jean & Rouge Garance :heart::heart::heart:.....I'm In Complete Bag Envy;) I'm Just Kidding...I'm So Happy For You....Enjoy Both These Dream Birkins!!!!
  8. Both are GREAT -- congrats!! :nuts:
  9. love ur new bags-esp the red!!!
  10. Congratulations on your lovely birkins. Great find!
  11. Those are two scrumdiliumptious Birkins!

    Enjoy bagenvy!

  12. Two at one go?!?!? :nuts: Now, how did that happen? :tup:
  13. Stunning!!!!!!!!!!
  14. THANK YOU ALL! You guys are too sweet!:heart::heart::heart:

    Tricia: The BJ was actually purchased 4 weeks ago, my SA called me on one super pouring rainy day and told me this great news. I am posting the two babies now because I have been struggling with the "science of uploading":shame:

    The Rouge Garance was from this monday when I just casually walked into the H flagship on Madison Ave. I walked in and then...WOW! This beauty was there on the shelf.

    I just cant resist!:yahoo:
  15. They are both gorgeous!!!! Congrats!