My new Guiseppe Zanotti Sandals

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  1. Why did I walk into Saks today? ;) I knew there was a sale. My car just kinda drove itself there :graucho:

    I've been looking for a jeweled/decorated pair of flat thong sandals for a while, and I think GZ makes some gorgeous pairs! These were on sale :nuts: They'll be perfect for summer evenings while on vacation in the Keys this August.

    Oh yes, and of course I paid by check card. No more charging for me :yahoo:Strictly adhering to my ticker!


  2. Congrats! Nice G. Zanottis!
  3. I really like those.
  4. I love Guiseppe. A have 3 flat Guiseppe sandals and they are all so comfortable and pretty.
    Great cute!
  5. Gorgeous! Completely perfect for summer.
  6. I love Zanotti's. Enjoy them.:tup:
  7. Those are sooooooooooooooo cuteeeeeeee!!!!!!
    Now im very upset my Saks did not have them!!!
  8. Thanks ladies! I got tons of compliments on them yesterday at work, and I wore them again today. They're very comfortable :nuts:

    Stinas - They do have them at Saks in Boca Raton and in Palm Beach, if you'd like to look up the numbers and give the shoe department a ring :smile:
  9. love GZ and these are gorgeous. oh, and congrats on being debt-free! (feels like a load off, i know).
  10. Verrrrryyy sexy Cristina!! I've been searching for some gold metallic or silver flat thong sandals myself.
  11. Those are lovely! I love sandals with stone/metal detailing, so pretty :smile: