My New Guccissima Tote Reveal

  1. Fab-blu-lous! I need this bag in my life! SOON!
  2. Beautiful, love the color!
  3. what a beautiful colour and bag!
  4. nice sparkling colour ..
  5. What a gorgeously gorgeous bag!!! LOVE IT! :loveeyes:
  6. Def a keeper. Thumbs up.
  7. oooh..... Pretty :heart::heart:
  8. Great color!
  9. Stunning color, how much do you pay for it ?
  10. that is HAWT!!!!! id love that in bright pink!!!! but the blue would do too!! omg i'm in love!!!
  11. Very Pretty ! Enjoy !
  12. congrats!!! what an eye catcher!!!
  13. I live the guccissima collection!!!...I have the large double G shoulder bag in black....and I adore it!!! sits very well on my shoulder...have no complaints!!
  14. This is my Guccissima Large twin G shoulder bag!!!...I love it and have absolutely no complaints whatsoever!!!