my new guccissima Peggy hobo!!

  1. This is my first post as a newbie on this forum!! I just got my guccissima medium Peggy Hobo from bluefly today :heart: , the bag looks more cream/khaki than white, (that's what the description says) but I can only find a white one on, is that considered white or did the bag come in several different colors in the guccissima leather?
  2. Hi, welcome to tpf, congrats on your new bag, it came in a cream color and a darker color like a lite beige
  3. Welcome!

    The Guccissima isn't available in white, sjunky13 is right.
  4. Congrats... Would love to see photos of it!!!
  5. here is my mini collection of handbags so far, included is the new addition to the family!
  6. Lovely guccissima peggy hobo! It is a beautiful bag... Guccissima leather is just TDF. Congrats!
  7. How beautiful!!
  8. LLLOOOVE IT! Sooo beautiful!
    ....I also LOVE your LV mini lin!!!!
  9. Congratulations.
  10. Wow thats gorgeous!! Love your collection!
  11. Love your collection!!!!
  12. I love your lv.. but I'm too cheap to drop like $700 on a bag :smile:
  13. wow, beautiful peggy!!!! guccissima is soooo uniquely gucci eh!
  14. great collection! :tup:
  15. oohh, i really love the guccissima, thanks for all the great comments! I've become attached to it already!