My New Gucci's inside! :)

  1. I'm new to Gucci all together (or designer bags, period!) lol But somehow I got all of these in the past 3 weeks :wtf:. I'm still debating on whether I should keep the large black chain hobo.. It's so big! :smile:

    Thanks for looking,


  2. dang, all those in the past 3 weeks?! lucky girl, must have cost you alot. they are all gorgeous, and enjoy! if it were me, i would keep the black hobo, its beautiful. and you already bought it, might as well keep it =)
  3. Those are the styles w/ good resell value, GREAT investment!
  4. I would keep the black on for sure. If i was going to return one it would be the one in front (the abbey). ONLY because you also have the Pelham and it is similar.
  5. OOOOH lucky girl 3 in 3 weeks. *jealous* I'd keep the black one, it's GORGEOUS.
  6. Yes keep your chain hobo.They are all fab.
  7. fabulous purchases! i'll keep all 3 of them! dont u just love the gunmetal color??

  8. Thanks, ladies ! :smile: I really love the leather on the black, but I think getting used to the size will be a challenge.

    Rensky, I do love the gunmetal!.. I wish it came in more styles!!! :smile: Thanks.
  9. Great bags to start off your collection.
  10. beautiful!!! You are off to a great start!!
  11. wow you're a quick shopper! they all are very nice bags
  12. you are so TOTALLY in my head. I was going to say the same EXACT thing!! The Pelham is so much more classic and beautiful than the abbey and well w/black, that's always good to have!
  13. if you like the gunmetal, why don't you get the abbey hobo instead of the abbey shoulder bag. That way you have the gunmetal and it's different than the pelham! And it's the same price.

    or trade it in for the royal hobo, that bag is GORGEOUS!

    or even the new duchessa:

    IMHO, the abbey and pelham are just too close in style to have both bags.
  14. I am so jealous right now! & yes, the abbey and the pelham are quite similar, so you could return on and save some money! But the hobo is a keeper! I've been wanting the monogram hobo since foreverrr!
  15. Out of the 3 I'd return the abby. Keep the black chain hobo, that is one nice bag, I love it but sadly its too big on me :sad: