My New Gucci

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  1. Ok, ok, technically it's my aunt's new Gucci, but it's on loan to me for a while right now, and she's like a Mom to me, thus.... :nuts:
    I think its *lovely* and quite roomy!

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  2. Pretty!
  3. Gorgeous!
  4. Gorgeous!!
  5. What does it look like inside, spiralsnowman?
  6. its very beautiful lol you're lucky to have such a nice aunt ;)
  7. Wow that is one of the only Gucci bags I like :biggrin:
  8. btw what is this one called? And does it have the gucci monogram imprints?
  9. Beautiful bag!
  10. i think it's the new medium boston bag. great bag!
  11. Nice! :love:
  12. I likie!:biggrin:
  13. Thanks guys!! :amuse:

    Melisande - I took some closeup pics of the inside for ya...

    Noriko - It doesn't have any logo imprint, but it does have the " Gucci" logo on the metal tag thingy...

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  14. Gorgeeeee!!! I'm so jealous!
  15. wow that is so pretty!