My new Gucci

  1. My local Saks finally got some new Gucci's in last week. I saw this one and really liked it. They have the same color in another sytle but I liked this one the best. It was bigger and looked nicer. The leather is so soft. Hope you like it. :love:

  2. I love this bag! :yahoo: Saw this in the Gucci Store! Congrats!
  3. ohhhhh i love this bag. i saw it last week in the boutique and fell in love. congrats, you lucky girl! :biggrin:
  4. very pretty!
  5. Its a beauty!!!! Love it! Nice choice!!
  6. It's gorgeous! I love the GG hardware on that!
  7. Congrats! It's pretty!
  8. Lovely choice! Isn't the leather just yummy? Enjoy your new bag :smile:
  9. beautiful bag!!! looks like it could fit a ton of stuff in it!!!
  10. Gorgeous bag, congrats and enjoy!!
  11. Very cute! Can you wear it on the shoulder?
  12. I've been eyeballing this bag as well and would also like to know if it fits on the shoulders comfortably.
  13. Awsome bag! Enjoy!
  14. You're so lucky! LOVE it!