My new Gucci

  1. After lots and lots of debating and trying to decide which bag I really wanted I finally chose to purchase a new Gucci tote bag. I had my mind set on Louis Vuitton but when I went to purchase one I decided to check Gucci out first. Luckily they are right across the hall from each other, so I was able to go back and forth. This is a very big step for me because I have been only purchasing Coach bags.
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  2. What a fabulous bag! It looks so roomy. Welcome to the Gucci family. I'm glad you decided this one over the LV bag.
  3. Thanks for the welcome and the compliment. The bag is very roomy. It is perfect for the office and the weekends. It was quite the experience buying this bag and the SA was fantastic. I decided to buy the bag from Gucci instead of another store because I thought that it would make it feel much more special.
  4. love it!
  5. Its beautiful, congratulations!
  6. Its classic and nice! What's the dimension? Do you think it can hold a macbook? Can u sling over the shoulders? How much damage did it do to the bank?
  7. congrats!!!! awesome bags!!!

  8. It is approx 15 1/2 x 5 x 13 and the price was $795. It should hold a Macbook and it is also very sturdy. I wanted something that I could carry everyday and it does fit over the shoulder very comfortably.
  9. Congrats! I think you made a fantastic choice!
  10. congratulations! its so pretty
  11. Ooh lovely! That is a great bag, congrats.
  12. I like that bag. Congrats.
  13. Great choice! It's a beauty!
  14. Congrats, it's a nice size, enjoy your new bag:yes:
  15. Congrats, it's a gorgeous tote !