My new Gucci

  1. I got this today. I love this bag, great hardwear, hold a lot I mean tons of stuff . Now what wil be my next Gucci? hehe
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  2. SOOOO nice....i've wanted this for a while...where did you get it from?!
  3. Lovely congratulations.
  4. I love the hardware too! Congratulations!
  5. This was quite the deal. I got it from bluefly . it was only around 1100. Yay . I was going to get it in Saks for 1530 , then I saw it online and jumped!!! It was sold out someone had it in thier cart when I went to get it. I checked again and it was avaliable!!! I love a good deal. Belive it or not this is the only black bag I own now. I usually love white , cream and beige bags .
  6. Congrats on your bag! I was gonna purchase this off bluefly too!
  7. Yeah for you, it is a very pretty bag
  8. I love your Britt!! I have the brown Hobo. Enjoy!
  9. i love it, congrats.
  10. very pretty, congrats. :smile:
  11. Great bag. congrats!
  12. LOVE the hardware on this bag!! Congrats!!!!!! :yahoo:
  13. i just luv it!!!
  14. I love the hardwear too!!! Thanks everyone!!
  15. So I assume it's authentic???

    I am finding it so hard to find a nice black bag. I bought and returned so many. But I am also hoping to find a Gucci black one.