my new gucci wristlet in pink!

  1. did anyone else receive that $50 gift card from gucci from that class action? well i did - and that thing expired yesterday so i headed to a gucci store to check out what i could snatch up. i didn't want to spend too much money (yes i'm broke) but i didn't want to pass up on the gift card either.

    i wanted something in pink and and i found this! i fell in love with it and i'm going to take it to my lunch date today. woo hoo! :love:
  2. you're wristlet is lovely, just a nice size for lunch!
  3. I just love the new pink ! That is so sweet and feminine:love: How much does it hold >?
  4. That's a cute little touch of Gucci!
  5. Very cute, I've always liked the signature Gucci fabric in pink !
  6. so cute! congrats!
  7. very cute I love it!
  8. the signature Gucci pink is adorable! congrats!
  9. Too cute and love the pink. Hope the date went well...
  10. Awww man, I received the class action papers, but forgot about it! Darn! Anyways very cute wristlet!!!!
  11. Adorable!
  12. I usually prefer big bags cuz I carry around a lot of junk but this is perfect for quick outings or shopping. I could fit everything I need - my wallet, phone, keys, lipgloss and a compact! :biggrin:
  13. How cute!!! I usually prefer big bags too, but recently I've been thinking about a clutch/wristlet too. Congrats on your new aquisition!!!
  14. That is so cute! Congrats!
  15. thank you ladies and the lunch date was fun! :biggrin:
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