My New Gucci. Take a look!!

  1. I received this gift on Saturday. What do you gals think?? It will be the only Gucci bag in my collection.
  2. Ooooh it is beautiful!!! What a thoughtful gift!! :smile:
  3. Why dont I get gifts like that????LMAO??

    WOW!!! Congrats..I have always loved that bag!:heart: :smile:
  4. Thank you ladies!! Post Tom Ford, I've been quite unsure about Gucci... Who's their creative director now?
  5. What a beautiful gift! Congrats envy!!!
  6. Very nice bag Envy!! Congrats!!
  7. It's adorable, congrats ! :yes:
  8. Very stunning! :yes:
  9. That bag is a beauty. I saw a few bags like that at the Gucci Boutique. I should have explored them further. I guess you can change the scarf in that bag?????
  10. I love that bag, congrats.
  11. pretty! :love:
  12. Great idea!!
  13. OMG, my sister, who thinks designer bag is Nine West, called the other day to ask if I have ever seen the Gucci bag with the scarf. She is actually going to buy this one! It's about time; a business woman has no business toting a Nine West bag! :lol:

    If you only plan to have one Gucci bag, this is definitely it! It's gorgeous!! :love: :heart:
  14. :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: TDF:nuts::love: :heart: :heart: :heart:
  15. Love the bag! Lucky girl!