my NEW Gucci sunnies!

  1. :yahoo: i finally got the sunglasses i wanted!

    yay me! ill post pics in a sec!
  2. here are the pics! :yahoo:
    Image055.jpg Image073.jpg
  3. nobody? :0(
  4. I love em... What do they look like on the side...?? I NEED some new Chanel sunglasses... soo many things to buy.. soo little time!! great to see a NOVA girl here!!
  5. these are what the sides look like:
  6. Those are really cute!
  7. those sunnies are soooo hot!!! they look great on you. ;)
  8. thanks! (i am only 12....) i love them!
  9. Cute. all the celebs are wearing them!
  10. Super cute!
  11. how much did they turn out? you are too cute!!!
  12. Congratulations.
  13. ....i got them for like 2 hundred something....i forget....THANKS!
  14. my friend got the same ones!!!
    but i think she got another too.
    the look great!
  15. congrats, really cute