My new Gucci Sunglasses!

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  1. I just bought a new pair of Gucci sunnies, (i think they are normally 300 dollars but i bought them for 149 dollars). :yahoo:

    Any idea which year these belong to? :supacool: reference: gucci GG2901/STRASS - 584/P9

    Give me your opinions!!

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  2. omg! i have the same pair and they are gorgeous!!! i get so many compliments on them because of the crystals. they are great for any face shape too. great deal - congrats! i think it was retail in canada for about $400 but i got it on sale too but not as good as yours :smile: enjoy
  3. Gorgeous glasses!

    Congrats on your great deal!

    I have a few pairs myself ( Gucci, Ferragamo Ltd Edt with Swarovski, Vintage Versace, Dior) and they all have Swarovski crystals, i think that's the whole appeal :smile:

    I find them much more feminine than the bug Chanels with the huge frames....

    Enjoy them!

  4. Thanks princessjaqcui and Kimsy!
  5. love your new sunnies....and such an awesome deal too! you can't beat that!:tup:
  6. They are hot!~ What a great deal as well!
  7. OMG, those are HOT, you lucky girl i am soooooo jealous, but happy for you !
  8. Congrats on your new sunnies! Good deal!
  9. I love them! Congrats!!
  10. those are so nice!!!
  11. :P:P All the nice compliments are making me love them even more!!
  12. they are stunning ...please model them and post a picture I'd love to see the size of the frame.
    you lucky thing!!!
  13. VERY nice!
  14. very nice! they are part of the 2006 limited edition. they also came in red with the green and red crystals on the side. :yes:
  15. sounds like a good deal! they are fantastic :smile: