My new Gucci steals!!

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  1. You gals are all a bad influence. All this sale talk has gotten me into a frenzy. Here are my new purchases:

    Used White Blondie Shoulder bag from for $488
    Musk Shoulder bag from for $525 plus tax and shipping
    Violet Guccissima wallet from Gucci $309 (later saw on sale for $225!!)

    BTW, anyone know how to get that smudge off the white bag next to the webbing?
  2. OMG you got such a great deal on the bags!! so
  3. ohh ~~~you got great deals on these bags~~~!!!
    i only got a coin purse from the sale~
  4. they are all so gorgeous!!
    i've always loved the blondie bag and the metallic bag is divine.
  5. Good deals. I got the green Guccissima wallet for $199.00.
  6. Congrats! Those are some pretty bags!
  7. i love thte wallet!!!
  8. I love em all! Congrats
  9. Nice bags.:heart: Very classy! Good deals too. I was tempted by that white blondie, but I just never wear white LOL.
  10. Baby wipes work wonders! :nuts:

  11. Wow! Congratulations! I simply adore your metalic chic!
  12. Great deals, nice bags, congrats:yes:
  13. Great deal on the white bag, it's gorgeous !
  14. i love the wallet's colour!!!congrats!!:biggrin:
  15. greeeeeeeeeeeeeat bags
    totally in looooove...
    congrats :smile:
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