My new Gucci shoulder bag for daily use or travelling

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  1. #1 Sep 15, 2010
    Last edited: Sep 15, 2010
    I just bought this new shoulder bag yesterday from my local GUCCI boutique, but i noticed there isn't any booklet and tag came with this bag. :confused1:
    My bag was taken out from the store room. There was also one on the display.

    Should i be worry or the travelling collection bags didn't come with any booklet or tag ? Please advise :wondering

    This same bag can be found at Gucci website under travel & business section.

  2. Very nice shoulder bag! Congrats :tup:
  3. Very nice!
  4. That's a great traveling bag up where you bought and ask about cards/booklet.
  5. Honestly those SA's don't even know what they are selling.... :nogood:
    I called .....and they told me not all bags come with booklet and tag :thinking:
  6. That is a GREAT bag for travel, especially with the 2 outter pockets to be able to grab things you need to find easily a lot. And do not worry about the tags and booklet, they do not all come with them. That in NO way proves authenticity so don't worry. And if you REALLY want the booklet (that doesn't say much anyways) I am sure they can grab one from another bag.
  7. Agree with Beenie about the tags and booklet - you can´t use them for anything, :nono:
  8. I mainly want to know if this bag does come with booklet and tag or they are just missing
  9. Lovely bag and so useful congratulations :yahoo:

    Things that one may (or may not) find in a new bag (anyone else want to add a 'thing' feel free :biggrin:):

    Contralto card - means it passed all checks

    Booklet about material - just says about the nature of the material the bag's made from

    Booklet about the history of Gucci bags (usually only in mega-bucks bags only)

    Sample of material(s) bag is made from

    CITES Cert - only in croc/pythin/lizzard etc bags only)

    Seriously I agree with the others, unless you feel really deprived, nothing woth worrying over.
  10. ^ thanks for the information! i'm a gucci newbie so it's good to know :smile:
  11. very nice addition!