My new Gucci shoes & the bags I bought them to go with

  1. I know this spot is for bags, but the bags are what lead me to look for matching shoes.

    All, I have never looked so hard for so long for a pair of shoes and never wanted them so badly. I have been looking for a green/red/green Gucci shoe to coordinate with my two bags in that color scheme. Low and behold this season had a low-heel version and high heel version of this slide. I wear a size 11 so I have to snatch them up in pre-orders or right away or size 11 is gone. As soon as they became available on Saks and/or Neimans sites and the Gucci site I tried to order the low heel as it was more practical than the 4 inch for me. It was not available. I checked back on all these sites for months and it was never available. I emailed the companies and they said it was not available. I called my Gucci SA in Fairfax, VA and he couldnt find it either. Styledrops has it but they dont seem to stock past size 10. So more recently I decided to just get the high heel one before those were gone also. My Gucci SA said 1 pair was left in the US and called and ordered from a Florida store. They arrived but in the navy/red/navy and white patent color scheme So I returned them and a that point my SA said there were no high heeled ones available in the green red combo anymore. So I gave up but everytime I would go to the websites I would check just in case. Well I went to the Gucci site and found size 10.5 available and thought I'd give it a try since it was open toe/open back maybe it would fit. Got them last week but my foot hung over the back and it didnt fit well. Well my last try was to call the Chevy Chase, MD store this week (also in the DC metro area) and they said they found 2 pair left in the country in size 11 in Florida. She ordered and they arrived today!!!!!!!!!!!! When my doorbell rang I was overjoyed!!!!!!!!!!! :biggrin: Persistence can pay off I guess. I absolutely love them and they go perfectly with my bags. And I dont mind that at about 4 inches they will be limited to evenings out. But if I ever happen to find a low heel version in the future on ebay or someplace (though I doubt it) I plan to snatch those up as well!
    No one else would understand such excitement over shoes but you guys, especially my fellow large shoe size sisters :angel:
  2. Loves it! I love those shoes are they comfy? I tried them on a few weeks ago. I have placed them on the "must have" section on my wish list. They look fab with the bags! congrats.
  3. Those look absolutely gorgeous on you :amazed: sexy and your feet are so shapely and a foot models! I'm so happy for you, you are going to be the envy of ALL who passes your way!!...and with one of your fabulous handbags to match....stunning! ;) :roflmfao:
  4. Thank you! I am so excited. They actually are but granted I only walked around the house in them so far for a half hour. After and evening out for 4 hours I dunno...but I will find out!
  5. Congrats! Don't you love it when you find something that you've been looking for?!?!? They look great with both bags (love that barrel bag!) and look really pretty on you!
  6. thanks pursemama, but man if you could see the corn I am hiding under there lol :lol:
  7. :lol: :lol: That's HILARIOUS! I was thinking the same thing - that you have very nice feet! Love the pedi!:yes:
  8. Congrats on that fabulous Gucci trio! They look beautiful together and on you!
  9. LMBO!

    They are fantastic!! That's awesome you could get them in your size!!
  10. :yahoo: When I saw this I screamed AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH MY SHOES. As I quickly grabbed my DH to show him. I tried those on a few weeks ago here in Florida. I have been dreaming about them ever since. They look so cute on YOUR FEET! I can't contain myself. OOOOOOHHHHHHH!

  11. I love those shoes and bags! Wow, you're going to make quite the entrance in those!

    I love matching my bags and shoes, I think it looks so classy.

    Is the Gucci in Tysons bigger than the one in Chevy Chase btw? I actually live in DC too and I'm on their list so hopefully I'll get a presale invite.
  12. okay seriously you look fab, also does anyone know if you need to call the store to make sure you are on the list? is joining by email enough?
  13. NICE! i love those shoes!!!!!! i have them.. acutally i bought them twice since the first pair were a little big for me! so if anyone wants a sz 4.5 let me knw!!!!!!
  14. I can't really tell...I think the one in Chevy Chase may be a lil bit bigger. I prefer the lay out of the one in Chevy Chase. I recently went to that one for the first time. It is becoming quite a 'Rodeo Drive' over there. They had a much larger shoe selection on display.
  15. Oh thanks. I'm used to the Gucci in West Palm Beach (I grew up in South Florida) and its huge compared to that one. It is becoming quite the Rodeo Drive! I saw that they're even opening a Van Clef and Arpels. I used to never go down to Saks because it was far from everything else, but now I go there because so many other places are on the way. I love the Barney's Coop, I've already gotten a few things from there, its just getting to be the only place I want to shop. (Well and I live in the city, so its an easy metro ride, but better than driving IMO).