My new Gucci Shoes...SALE!!

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  1. Hey Guys!

    Just thought I'd post this up...bought from the first day of sale at selfridges my new purchase.... :yahoo:

  2. congrats!!!! Love them
  3. Very cute...Congrats!
  4. ohhh yummy...btw that would match my purse perfectly ;) what size are u

    hehehe :smile:
  5. oo very cute!
  6. LOVE! LOVE! L O V E!!!! Them! Congratulations :yahoo:
  7. great shoes! congratulations!
  8. congrats
  9. I saw these in cream Guccisima with light gold hardware and I must say I love the style. Very nice!
  10. lovely! congrats!
  11. congrats!!
  12. I am actually a size 36 but these are 36 and a half!! :p Cus they didn't have a size 36! There were these shoes exactly the same in kitten heel version...I was kinda there for a while debating on whether to get high ones or kitten heel ones....!!

  13. im glad u got these...but wish it was a size bigger ;) hahaha and i think these are way hotter than the other style...good choice missy!

    u need the black horsebit hobo now (if u dont already have it!)
  14. Wow such nice shoes. I thought only the magenta (or red)are on sale. NOt the black one?? I guess cuz u're from UK? Haven't see those black one on sale at my local stores. Very nice shoes indeed!
  15. those are sooooooo cute!