my new gucci shoes! i'm in love.

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  1. [​IMG]
    every since i saw these shoes i knew i had to have them. I initially ordered them thinking they were silver. my SA thought they were silver too. :sad: when they came, they were this gold and i was intially unreceptive to the idea. but after strutting a few times around i fell in :heart:. they aren't quite a full gold and they aren't a full silver but stuck somewhere in between in a place i'd like to call "perfection"


    pardon the awkward pictures. taking pictures of shoes on is always so difficult.
  2. contrats with your lovely shoes - the color is great - can bee used with gold and silver jewelery (?spelling)
  3. wow those are amazing! :smile:
  4. wow, they look great on u!! congrats!!
  5. Hot shoes!!
  6. Wow those shoes are fierce!!!! loooove it!!
  7. Cooooooooooooool shoes!!!
  8. wooow..what a hot shoes..
  9. Awesome shoes, congrats on your purchase!
    I may just have to buy a pair of those now, lol. ;)
  10. Hot, hot, hot!
  11. Those are hot!
  12. Stunning shoes, congrats! Love your name too!
  13. Yes! Super Hot shoes! Conratulations!
  14. whoa, those shoes are HOT!
  15. love them!