My new Gucci Princy Tote in White Guccissima & a few questions . . .

  1. I'm new to the gucci board. Just purchased my first gucci in a few years last week and I LOVE it. It's the Princy Medium Tote in the white guccissima. Most of my bags are arm-held. So excited to find an over the shoulder bag that's not too big.

    My questions are:

    When is the next Gucci sale? I saw a post of someone who purchased the same bag for $800ish, and I paid full price :sad:

    How often do they occur? Approximately when do they occur?

    And last question:

    Yay or nay on this boston bag in the chocolate guccissima? Or should I get it in black canvas or try and find the medium tote in the chocolate color? Will either of these go on sale?
    Guccissima Princy White.jpg gucci princy boston choc.jpg
  2. Awesome, thanks so much! I was searching through pages and pages of posts/threads and couldn't find it.
  3. Wow, congrats! The Guccissima looks amazing, makes me want to get a Guccissima bag now... And I say yay to the chocolate Princy boston - I've seen pics of the chocolate Guccissima and it looks delicious. Unfortunately these will not go on sale since they are classics, however, I do remember Gucci had a 10% off for everything (even classics) one day on the US site.
  4. OMGOSH!! That white tote bag is GORGEOUS!!!! How is it holding up? Does it get dirty easily?
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